with love (xxxooolisa) wrote in domestix,
with love

mex brex.

2 organic eggs.
half an avacado.
grilled onions.
hot sauce.
hot chocolate.
& apple juice.

& one happy lady.

kitchen picture.
lime in the corona.
alcohol collection, and my new blue ceramic owl tea pot, and bread "basket."

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I would drown a kitten to have your sweater.
(No I wouldn't. But... You get the idea.)
I love you and Phil. You guys make me happy even though I don't know you, I just see these pictures. I'm so glad you're getting married. My only real goal for now is to be able to live with my boy in our own place, and you're livin the dream. It gives me hope!
this comment makes me so happy!
i remember when i used to look to a few of my friends in the same way, this past september 2 of my best friends married eachother and it was so beautiful, it helped marriage make a bit more sense to me.


have hope deary. it's totally worth it.